At Northeast Computer Repair we take a different approach to your digital needs. We communicate in easy to understand terms and we are extremely patient with new computer users. We feel that having a passion for computers not only makes using them more enjoyable, but also encourages you to broaden your digital horizons.

Our goal is to make sure you’re happy. That’s why we offer services covering almost every need.

Although we speak in easy to understand terms, we are extremely professional. After our service is complete, we want you to feel that you can come to us anytime and be taken care of. We also want you to be comfortable recommending us to others!

Our principles are honesty, integrity, expertise, and promptness. We hope to instill the greatest level of confidence possible with each and everything we do. We do not want to be seen as just a business. We want to be seen as a company that can meet your needs in a convenient, reasonable, and trustworthy manner.

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